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  • How to Choose the Right Electric Car

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    Electric cars are gaining popularity partly of their low maintenance including fuel and spare parts. In addition, fuel is getting more expensive, meaning that people need to look for alternatives. Carmakers the world over have realized the potential in this market prompting them to make a host of electric cars all with different features. The following are some questions you should ask to help you choose the best electric car.

    How will I charge the battery?

    These cars run on electricity so the most important thing to think of is the availability of charging stations around you. When at home, you can use the sockets in the house but you have to think about charging stations when you are driving about. You should consider what you would do if the battery was to run out when you were far from home.

    Who will be using it?

    If you are in the market for a family car, you have to consider things like space and durability. Family cars generally need to be spacious so that everyone is comfortable enough. Family cars also take a lot of abuse in a daily basis so look for a car that is spacious and made of durable parts.

    How will I service it?

    Just like a normal car, you have to think about the periodical engine service. Before buying that electric car, think about where you will be taking it for regular servicing and where you will get spare parts in case something breaks down. Considering this can help you avoid some models because of the servicing problems they are sure to pose.

    What are the terms in the warranty?

    You must know the exact conditions under which the warranty will work. Close inspection of this document might attract you to some models and repel you from others. This is important because electric cars being still very new, not much is known of their durability and reliability. Having the option to return the car if it proves to be a nuisance is always a plus.

    What is the general safety record of the carmaker?

    Some carmakers are known to produce safer cars than others. If a carmaker has a flawless safety record with gas powered cars, it is very likely that they will implement the same high safety standards in their electric cars. On the other side, there is no assurance that a carmaker with a poor reputation when it comes to safety will produce safe electric cars. A company’s past record should tell you whether you should even think of using their electric cars.

    The above are the few pointers you can take to make sure that you get the best electric car for you and your family. Remember that the electric car market is still in its infancy. Soon a whole breed of electric car will be on your roads.


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